About Mark

My work is my interpretation of how I see my world and the people within it. I focus on how a person identifies their self together with their relationship with this world. A human is born without an identity and it is through its interaction and exploration it takes on and wears its identity like a set of clothes.

I consider my work to be driven by expression and not a particular process. I am not a slave to any particular style or technique and ideas will come out of my relationship with the medium I use.

I have a healthy indifference to whether I use representation or abstraction. I try to bring different painterly devices or content to serve the idea or concept of each individual painting. I am no slave to any particular style or genre and I might raid art history, photography or cinema to facilitate an idea.

These serve towards a new personal proposition and imagery in the work. This proposition is based on my own subjectivity and meanderings.
I see my work in the future becoming more carefully positioned and focused without becoming hollow and losing my own personal musing, choice and subjectivity.

I believe I still have a lot more to say about the world as I see it from the studio.